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Donor Projects

Our Donors Are Making a Lasting Impact

The Key Biscayne Community Foundation donors create projects that they are personally invested in and with our support make a lasting impact in the local, greater, and global communities. By closely monitoring local issues, opportunities and resources, KBCF has an in-depth understanding of the region’s challenges, and the organizations addressing them.

Together with our donor projects, we work to establish initiatives for change across subject areas essential to the wellbeing of every community member.

Our goal is to bring positive change from our community on Key Biscayne to the greater community of Miami-Dade County. To accomplish this, our philanthropic strategy focuses on three areas within the greater community, specifically: youth development, healthy futures, and economic opportunity.

Donor Projects

A Zero Waste Culture

A Zero Waste Culture is a Miami based non-profit organization dedicated to help combat climate change and tackle inequity through hands-on, community based educational programs. We empower neighbors to live sustainably: to reuse and repurpose consumer goods, to reduce our carbon footprint and to take far reaching civic action.

Art Heart Fund

Art Heart is a nonprofit that provides a creative outlet for children. The mission is to provide a network of artists that teach and work interactively with child patients in children’s hospitals.

ArtCares for Kids

ArtCares for Kids is a Miami-based nonprofit organization serving children in medical settings dealing with psychological, emotional and physical challenges.

Chief Press Foundation

For over twelve years, Chief Press and the police department have worked to positively impact the relationship between the police and the children in Liberty City.

City Theatre Fund

City Theatre Fund provides play readings performed by City Theatre actors and written by distinguished and emerging playwrights.

Con Todo Cariño

Con Todo Cariño / Listen & Learn is a fund that serves as financial support for The Annual Picaza Neuroscience Lecture Series at the University of Miami’s Miller School of Medicine Department of Neurosurgery.

Coral City Foundation

The Coral City Foundation documents, protects, researches, and raises awareness of Key Biscayne’s corals and marine life. The CCF aims to maximize the scientific and civic value of the corals growing on Key Biscayne sea walls, jetties, causeways, and other manmade structures surrounding 33149.

Corona Caring Fund

The Corona Caring Fund’s mission is to provide a mechanism to assist these employees obtain groceries for themselves and their families during their time unemployed.

Fill A Bag

Founded by Key Biscayne residents Manny Rionda, Nancy Davis and James Duncan, #FillABag installs Fill A Bag Stations designed to empower people to turn daily walks into meaningful beach cleanups. The whitewashed 6’ post has 4 cobalt blue pegs and provides beachgoers with on-demand reusable bags and repurposed buckets to fill with trash during their strolls.

Florida Programs: North Carolina Outward Bound School

Florida Programs: North Carolina Outward Bound School for Students For 45 years, Florida students, teachers, and adults have discovered their strength of character, ability to lead, and desire to serve through North Carolina Outward Bound courses in the Everglades, Florida’s central rivers, and in the mountains of North Carolina. You can make a difference in

Free Plastic

Plastic is everywhere, and through our natural & organic farming practices, we harvest this powerful manufacturing material. Free Plastic then converts our naturally-sourced plastics into usable objects to cherish through the ages.

ICU baby

ICU baby works with NICU physicians, nurses and social workers to assess the needs of the families with a baby(s) in their unit. Together, we identify what resources would be most beneficial to them and then provide targeted support.

iPads for Soldiers

iPads For Soldiers mission is to purchase and donate iPads to US Soldiers serving in Afghanistan and those wounded stateside in military hospitals.

It Takes a Village

This organization was started by a group of moms with kids who have different special needs. The purpose was to be able help other families in the community so all their young children, teens and adults can achieve their full potential.

Jorge Portela Memorial

The Jorge Portela Memorial Give Or Take An Inch, Half Ass Fishing and Diving tournament originated from a friendly bet amongst Jorge’s friends as to who could catch more fish: the anglers or the divers?

KB Stories Podcast

Key Biscayne Stories Podcast unlocks the power of micro-community storytelling by providing a platform for locals to share their stories, projects, and businesses with their neighbors.

Key Biscayne 4th of July Parade

The parade began in 1959 when a couple of local Key Biscayners decided they wanted to teach their children the importance of being an American.

Key Biscayne Animal Welfare

The Key Biscayne Animal Welfare Fund was established in 2013 to raise awareness of the issues facing homeless cats and dogs, marine and aviary life in South Florida.

Key Biscayne Film Festival

The Key Biscayne Film Festival celebrates all forms of audiovisual content without any limitations. From the short-short to a short film, and from episodic content to feature-length films, the Key Biscayne Film Festival welcomes the constantly evolving formats of the audiovisual art form.

Key Biscayne Historical & Heritage Society

The Key Biscayne Historical & Heritage Society is new. It was started in 2007 by founders Bob Bristol, Ed Meyer, and Dr. Bob Maggs. Already there are over 250 members.

Key Biscayne Piano Festival

The Key Biscayne Piano Concert Series is proud to present extraordinary international performers in collaboration with the Miami International Piano Festival.

Key Biscayne Youth Athletics: Volleyball

Girls Volleyball is one of the most popular sports in Key Biscayne that is exclusively for girls. The program has grown significantly in the past six years.

Key Kindness

Key Kindness is driven by a mission to enhance the lives of humans and animals in need, specifically focusing on their health and the stability of their environment. Our goal is to utilize education to uplift the living conditions of those requiring assistance.

My Second Piggy Bank

Key Biscayne 1st grader Madison London started the My Second Piggy Bank project. The goal of this project is to teach kids to give charitably. Piggy banks teach children to save the money they earn from their allowance. My Second Piggy Bank teaches children to save money and give it to those children that do not have as much.

Oliver Forever Strong Foundation

The Oliver Forever Strong Foundation promotes the need to identify the causes of pediatric cancer and raises funds towards this research, principally via soccer-related events and activities on a rolling, per project basis in the United States and Latin America.

Principals’ Coalition

The Principals’ Coalition for the Good of the Children was established in 1997 with the goal of providing annual community-wide opportunities for the Key Biscayne residents to come together and strengthen the families and the schools on the island for the benefit of our children.


Entrepreneurship Life Skills for Visible Impact – VISIBLE unites youth through positive core character values instead of separating them because of racial, economic, or social environments.

Youth Lead Change

Our purpose is to empower the youth of our entire community by providing educational leadership and social entrepreneurship programs based on empathy, compassionate leadership, inclusion and equity. Our collaborators are Outward Bound and Peace First, two internationally respected organizations providing world-class programs for character education and social entrepreneurship.