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Florida Programs: North Carolina Outward Bound School for Students

For 45 years, Florida students, teachers, and adults have discovered their strength of character, ability to lead, and desire to serve through North Carolina Outward Bound courses in the Everglades, Florida’s central rivers, and in the mountains of North Carolina.

You can make a difference in the lives of students and provide professional development for teachers by donating to fund Miami-Dade scholarships for our wilderness based leadership and team-building courses.

Florida Programs: North Carolina Outward Bound School for Educators

Educators’ scholarships provide professional development in experiential education for classroom teachers. A collaborative environment where firsthand experiences, hands-on learning, and individual and group reflection fosters professional growth and personal transformation.

Educators are then able to incorporate experiential education into their classrooms, while receiving the support of a network of colleagues to assist them in their curriculum development and delivery.

Powerful Outcomes for Our Participants

Outward Bound courses elicit empathy, grit and resilience through challenge and adventure through experiential education in the wilderness.

The idea that “you are needed,” no matter who you are, is a central reason for the success of Outward Bound programs. Inclusiveness and reliance on teamwork sets an Outward Bound expedition apart from any other learning experience; expedition members are “crew, not passengers.”

Self-confidence, appreciation of our mutual interdependence, environmental stewardship and a desire to make a positive difference in our lives and in the lives of others are the powerful outcomes for our students.

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North Carolina Outward Bound School

North Carolina Outward Bound courses are expeditions based in the Everglades/Ten Thousand Islands and Florida’s central rivers as well as the Appalachian mountains and the coast of North Carolina. Courses teach students about collaborative teamwork and compassionate leadership as they learn technical skills like, navigation, camp craft, the basics of backpacking or rock climbing, environmental stewardship and much more. As students learn these skills in challenging situations, they also learn the value of teamwork, inclusiveness and the pursuit of excellence.

Designed for students aged 14-18, our Classic expeditions push students physically, socially and emotionally. Often when they think they’ve reached a limit, they find there is more within them than they imagined. Students discover their passion; dig deep; and master skills – both technical and interpersonal. Surrounded by the pristine natural world and a crew of adventurous peers, students work as a team to achieve goals and learn skills.

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