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About the Foundation

Our Philanthropic Mission

Our mission is to enable, facilitate, and empower residents to make a positive difference in the local, greater, and global community through programs, grant making, fiscal scholarship, and community leadership.

One way in which the Key Biscayne Community Foundation helps people, who are philanthropic and who understand the value of charitable work, to give effectively through donor funds. As a donor, you create a fund with the Community Foundation to support charitable causes that are important to you. Your gift is invested and grants from your fund support charitable organizations and projects that matter to you. Those grants are made in your name.

Local, Greater, and Global Communities

The Key Biscayne Community Foundation also offers grants to support charitable organizations on and off the island. We believe that we are a community within a community, so the Foundation looks to improve the quality of life for both the residents of Key Biscayne and Greater Miami-Dade County.

The Key Biscayne Community Foundation partners with local organizations to facilitate change, build community support, and create long-term sustainability for families and communities in need. These goals are reached through a collective impact approach and through other forms of collaboration.

Lasting Impact

Our goal is to provide lasting impact in the community through the funding, implementation, and support of evidence-based programming, and by supporting the efforts of local nonprofit organizations that provide services to children and families at risk in low-income communities.

Our desire is to facilitate the residents of Key Biscayne in making an impactful investment in the greater community.

Open your fund with the Key Biscayne Community Foundation today and get started on making a lasting impact to what matters most to you.

Catalytic Philanthropy

Through catalytic philanthropy, we partner and fund organizations that collaborate or use collective impact models to transform the most vulnerable communities in Miami-Dade County. The benefits of catalytic philanthropy over traditional philanthropy allow us to: 1) take responsibility for achieving results; 2) mobilize a campaign for change; 3) use all available tools; and, 4) create actionable knowledge in the local and greater community.

For example, our partnership with the Himan Brown Charitable Trust allows donors to maximize their charitable investments in nonprofit organizations that reflect our philanthropic strategy by matching 100% of each donation up to $500.

This matching program is called the Key to Giving. Twelve organizations in Miami-Dade County are eligible to receive matching grants. These twelve organizations had to meet our grantee requirements and have a minimum level of evidence that their models are successful in addressing issues such as: community transformation, youth education, healthy futures, opportunities for youth or homelessness.

Our work in Liberty City has transformed from simply grantmaking into a Sister City model, a lasting and substantial community partnership between the Village of Key Biscayne and the neighborhood of Liberty City through a nonprofit organization that employs a collective impact approach. The Foundation supports local nonprofits that employ either a wrap-around approach or collective impact approach to disrupting poverty in the most at-risk communities of Miami-Dade County for all children.

KBCF Programs

The Key Biscayne Community Foundation addresses community needs and effects positive change. By closely monitoring local issues, opportunities and resources, KBCF has an in-depth understanding of the region’s challenges, and the organizations addressing them.

Together with our volunteers, we work to establish initiatives for change across subject areas essential to the well-being of every community member. View more Foundation Programs and Donor Projects.