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A Zero Waste Culture

A Zero Waste Culture

A Zero Waste Culture is a Miami based non-profit organization dedicated to help combat climate change and tackle inequity through hands-on, community based educational programs. We empower neighbors to live sustainably: to reuse and repurpose consumer goods, to reduce our carbon footprint and to take far reaching civic action.

Together we can help solve the systemic problem of out-of-control consumer waste, help mitigate climate change, and fight for climate justice.

A Zero Waste Culture was created with a sense of urgency to answer the question: “What can each of us do to tackle climate change?”

In January 2019, Helena Iturralde organized a series of educational tours to Miami’s Waste Management Recycling Facility to see how recycling was done. This proved to be a life changing experience as we learned that almost nothing is recycled.

A Zero Waste Culture (AZWC) non-profit was born to take immediate action. We created sustainable living programs for Miami’s local communities, many of which are in poverty. Our sustainable living mission grew to include entrepreneurial models to help those at greatest risk from climate change become self-sufficient.

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