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Let’s Share a Smile

Let’s Share a Smile is a communal coloring project initiated in Miami, FL by the nonprofit ArtCares for Kids, Miami Meditation Center, and Talking Off the Wall because everyone can benefit from art & a smile. Our vision is to give everyone an opportunity to create, color, post, and share a coloring page. It’s a two part project.

Create: Everyone is invited to design a page with the theme “Let’s Share a Smile”. Design your page with a black marker(s) on white copy paper (8 1/2 x 11), and then upload your design here; or

Color: Feel free to select your favorite image below. You can download it in PNG or PDF format to print or use on your tablet. Color it, post it, or pass it on.

Our goal is to share millions of smiles, one smile at a time, especially during challenging times like these. Studies have shown that smiling is beneficial to our mind and body because it increases dopamine, endorphines, and serotonin, which is a natural way of dealing with stress and strengthening the immune system.

Click here to jump over to Let’s Share a Smile, or scroll down to view some of our favorites!