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The Ron Erbel Scholarship for Firefighters is in memory of long-time Key Biscayne Firefighter and beloved resident Ron Erbel. Ron spent 17 days volunteering in the ruins of the September 11th aftermath. As a result of his service at the site, Ron contracted terminal cancer, leading to his untimely passing.

Even as his life was ending, Ron was always focused on others.  Ron and his Wife, Victoria Jackson, contacted the Key Biscayne Community Foundation to set up a scholarship fund to help Key Biscayne firefighters and their children: The Ron Erbel Fund for Firefighters. “I want to take care of our firefighters in any way we can.” Ron stated.

The application requires 15 years of service as a Key Biscayne Fire Department firefighter per Ron’s specifications. “After so many years, we know these folks are connected and want to be part of this great community of Key Biscayne.”

The application period for the Ron Erbel Scholarship for Firefighters is January 1 to March 31.

Scholarship Priorities

The application is open to all eligible children of current and former Key Biscayne firefighters, who meet the criteria below to provide funding for education. Click to download the Permission to Release Information (PDF).


  • The applicant is a child of a current firefighter employed by the Village of Key Biscayne Fire Department and who has at least fifteen years of service in the Department.
  • If the applicant is not a child of a current Village of Key Biscayne firefighter, then the applicant must be a child of a formerly employed firefighter with the Village of Key Biscayne Fire Department who accumulated at least fifteen years of service to the Department.
  • The applicant must provide information regarding their acceptance to an educational or vocational program.
  • The applicant must submit two letters of recommendation from any of the following: professor, instructor, community leader, religious leader, employer, or supervisor. The recommendation letter may not be from a family member or friend.
  • The applicant must submit the most recent transcript (if applicable).
  • The applicant must show financial need and provide supporting documentation.


Each of the letters of recommendation should be no longer than one typed page (PDF format) and each author should include the applicant’s name as well as the following information:

  • Author’s name, address, and telephone
  • How long have you known the applicant?
  • What has been your relationship to the applicant? (teacher, guidance counselor, youth group director, pastor, etc.)
  • Please indicate what you know about the applicant’s background: his/her family circumstances, home environment, neighborhood and any other pertinent information relating to his/her background.
  • Please state the applicant’s attitude toward education, his/her specific strengths, weaknesses and achievements, and other relevant information.

The scholarship committee hopes these instructions and the application will help worthy students receive assistance toward their education. Should you have questions concerning the criteria or any other matter regarding this scholarship, please contact us here.

*All fields in the following application must be filled in, but some of the questions are of course not applicable to all applicants. Please use N/A for questions that do not apply to you.

Click here to download the PDF Application or apply online below.