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Key Storytellers

Key Storytellers

The Key Storytellers project utilizes the art of oral storytelling through a series of talks, lectures, and interactive programming to share ideas, history, and research with the community. A community is made up of individuals. Each of us has a story to tell, to share, to communicate. Through those stories, whether they be Rosa de la Cruz’ art history lectures or Dr. Robert McClatchey’s understanding of climate science or Joan Gill Blank’s knowledge of the history of Key Biscayne or the weekly, local stories on Rat Radio available on podcasts, we learn, we grow, and we communicate.

The focus areas of the lectures and talks are science, art history, history, and healthyaging. The Key Biscayne Community Foundation provides a community channel of videos on these different topics and events, as well as podcasts from the Rat Radio show, which airs weekly. That way, if you miss it live, you can hear the story online.

This programming is made possible by the Himan Brown Charitable Trust (HBCT). Himan Brown pioneered the art of radio during its golden age. He created radio dramas that used sound effects like a creaking door and a steam engine to enthrall listeners. In a span of 65 years, he produced more than 30,000 radio programs. Through the charitable work of HBCT, Mr. Brown’s legacy lives on.


Enjoy lectures on art, science, and health from the Key Biscayne Life Enhancement Forum, Key Biscayne Citizen Scientist Project, and de la Cruz Art Lecture Series.


Key Biscayne Community Foundation’s videos host a wide variety of topics including: community news, music events, plays, lectures, environmental news, philanthropy, health topics, and more.


Rat Radio podcasts have been chronicling life in Key Biscayne through photos and commentary since 2002. Tune in to learn more about everything Key Biscayne.