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Family Gives Home in Key Biscayne

Following the destruction caused by Hurricane Dorian, the Aguste family left the Bahamas and moved to Key Biscayne where they were welcomed into the community and were given a home.  The father of the family, Erick Aguste lost his arm trying to help get his family to a safe place during the hurricane, and was transferred to Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami for treatment following the storm.
Juan Gutierrez and his family, Key Biscayne residents, welcomed the Auguste family into his home.  The Gutierrez family watched and cared for the Auguste family children while Erick was recovering in the hospital and his wife Elise was by his side.  Michele Estevez gave the family a more permanent home and car out of the kindness of her heart.
The family is now back rebuilding their home in the Bahamas, but residents sent the Auguste family a warm reminder that they are always welcome back to their community in Key Biscayne.
Watch the video here.