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Coping with the COVID-19 Pandemic | a Zoom Webinar

Coping with the COVID-19 Pandemic | a Life Enhancement Forum Zoom Webinar With Karen Koffler, MD

On April 9th at 7pm, Dr. Karen Koffler will be hosting a webinar to inform residents on the latest medical news regarding the COVID-19 pandemic ( Karen Koffler, M.D. is the Medical Director for the Osher Center for Integrative Medicine at the University of Miami. Her practice philosophy is simple: humans have an intrinsic capacity to heal. Her job is to work with the patient to optimize the body’s healing powers using the functional medicine model.

Dr. Koffler received her medical degree at the University of Miami, completed her training in internal medicine in Chicago and at the University of Colorado, and was admitted to the first class of physicians to study directly with Dr. Andrew Weil at the University of Arizona. She was also one of the first physicians certified by the Institute for Functional Medicine.

Download the PDF flyer here.