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Liberty City Kids Tennis & Golf Day

Key Biscayne Tennis Association (KBTA), The Miami Children’s Initiative the Key Biscayne Community Foundation and the Chief Press Foundation will collaborate with two leading academies, Arraya Tennis Academy and Crandon Golf Academy to host 120 Liberty City Kids at Crandon Park Golf Course with a multi-sport fun day of Tennis and Golf.

Arraya Tennis Academy and Crandon Golf Academy have created an innovative Tennis and Golf Multi-sport program where they have combined industry leading development practices to offer kids an action packed, fun, highly intuitive, engaging and diverse multi-sport program to elevate their athletic abilities and innate skills around both sports.

The highly successful program has unique qualities of being positioned on the same grounds allowing students to move seamlessly between golf and tennis in a Tranquil and safe environment allowing the programs to captivate the participants with a highly engaging program.

The Liberty City Kids Day aims to allow the children to spend a day at Crandon Park Golf Course and participate in the multi-sports tennis/golf program learning from Industry leading instructors and having a wonderful hands on experience with tennis and golf in such a beautiful setting that is Crandon Park Golf Course in Key Biscayne.

This great initiative is a collaborative effort by many inspirational individuals and  stakeholders such as The Miami Children’s Initiative, Key Biscayne Police Department, Key Biscayne Tennis Association (KBTA), Miami Dade County, Arraya Tennis Academy and Crandon Golf Academy with the aim of giving the Liberty City Children an incredible and inspirational experience that will enable them not only to learn new skills but to inspire and elevate them as people.