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Barron’s Top Financial Advisor in Florida for 2010

KBCF Board Chair, Patrick Dwyer, was named Barron’s top Financial Advisor in Florida for 2010.

Ranked #1: In investing, Patrick Dwyer knows what’s needed is a strict devotion to an asset-allocation plan. That’s not to say it shouldn’t be tailored to changing times. “We’re slightly bullish, but mindful of the structural risks that exist in the developed world,” such as huge amounts of public debt, says Dwyer. He likes the values in U.S. and European stocks, he says, but he’s including commodities as a hedge, through commodity-producer stocks. He’s also insulating and boosting portfolios with, among other choices, more hedge funds. To Dwyer, 42, bond portfolios should be as diversified as equity ones. He aims to help clients deal with the emotional trauma from the financial crisis. For Dwyer, the key is “to help people make sense of it,” assemble a long-term strategy and help them stick to it.

[quote_left]”At the end of the day, the asset-allocation process works,” he says. “It’s not magic, it doesn’t exempt you from having to deal with the world, but it can ameliorate your downside risk.” -Hilary Johnson[/quote_left]

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