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Holloway Family Foundation

Our goal is simple: create means for regular investment in community improvement. Specifically, we would like to support organizations involved with educating others about the importance of protecting the ocean on a permanent basis. Like our parents, we intend to give in a manner which positively influences our world and the world of our future children.

Holloway Family Foundation History

Theo Holloway was taught the value of philanthropy from a very early age, since his parents created the Holloway Family Foundation when he was growing up. After Theo’s youngest sibling had left for college, the responsibility of running the family foundation started to become a burden, so the family decided to use an institutional foundation (Schwab) to assist with the administrative requirements.

While this service certainly alleviated the least appealing aspects of running the foundation, there was still the challenge of finding organizations which qualified as 501c3s. Family members would get involved in organizations with local chapters; however, this often presented a problem since only the national organization would qualify, and the funds could not be appropriated to specific chapters.

Fortunately, the Key Biscayne Community Foundation presented the perfect solution to help by recommending organizations and managing all administrative responsibilities.