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Give Miami Day | November 16, 2023

Give Miami Day returns on November 16, 2023! Join us for 24 hours of online giving to benefit Greater Miami’s nonprofits. Give Miami Day is an annual giving movement uniting nonprofits – big and small, new and established – to celebrate and increase Greater Miami’s generosity through online giving. The event helps raise awareness about Miami’s nonprofits’ critical role in our community and inspires all of us to give to causes we care about. Together, we are creating a thriving and stronger Miami for all.

Over the past decade, Give Miami Day has raised more than $145 million for local causes. Last year, the county-wide initiative raised over $32 million in a single day.

A Zero Waste Culture

A Zero Waste Culture is dedicated to help combat climate change and tackle inequity through hands-on, community based educational programs.

Active Seniors on the Key (ASK)

ASK is an organization of seniors over 50 who work together to provide a wide range of volunteer activities that allow seniors to continue living independently on Key Biscayne.

ArtCares for Kids

ArtCares for Kids

ArtCares for Kids serves children in medical settings dealing with psychological, emotional and physical challenges.

Chief Press Foundation

The Chief Press Foundation objective is to join the Village of Key Biscayne and neighboring Liberty City to provide better outcomes for the children and families of the neighborhood while providing opportunities for residents of each community to grow, learn, and care about each other.

Citizen Science Project

The Key Biscayne Citizen Science Project works with regular people and professional scientists to protect our natural resources, educate the public about environmental issues, teach civic engagement, and provide hands-on opportunities to protect the local ecosystems.

Coral City Foundation

The Coral City Foundation documents, protects, researches, and raises awareness of Key Biscayne’s corals and marine life.

Earth to Pablo

Earth to Pablo has a goal of establishing various channels to effectively convey and promote the mission of educating the public about the environment and local community.

Eileen McCaughan Memorial Scholarship Fund

The family and friends of Eileen McCaughan established the scholarship to honor the life of an outstanding teenager who was tragically killed by a drunk driver at just 15 years old.

Fab Lab Miami

Fab Lab Miami offers engaging programming in Miami’s urban core around digital fabrication and other STEAM-related activities so that youth can play, create, learn, mentor and invent.

Fill A Bag

FillABag works with coastal communities to bring awareness to the problems of marine debris, beach litter, single use plastic consumption & pollution.

Free Plastic

Free Plastic

Free Plastic mission is to reduce the environmental impact of plastic pollution through education, community engagement, and direct action, including environmental cleanups, active recycling programs, public art installations, creative collaborations, and the development of new collecting, sorting, and recycling techniques.

Friends of Cape Florida

Friends of Cape Florida

The Friends of Cape Florida helps conserve and enhance the resources of Bill Baggs Cape Florida State park through volunteerism, fundraising, and community focused activities.

Green Champions

Green Champions helps educate and inspire other students and families in our community to become active stewards of our environment.

iPads for Soldiers

iPads For Soldiers’ mission is to purchase and donate iPads to US Soldiers serving in foreign war zones as well as those wounded, recovering stateside in military hospitals.

It Takes a Village

It Takes a Village mission is to create awareness, promote inclusion, and help develop social skills and job opportunities for special needs kids and adults in Key Biscayne.

Jorge Portela Memorial Give or Take an Inch Fishing and Diving Tournament Fund

Jorge Portela Memorial Give or Take an Inch Fishing and Diving Tournament Fund mission is to raise money for a four-year undergraduate scholarship for a South Florida student to Auburn University.

Key Biscayne 4th of July Parade

The goal of the Key Biscayne 4th of July Parade Committee is to preserve the parade as a representation of community, patriotism and American culture that has survived on Key Biscayne for over half a century.

Key Biscayne Community Foundation

The Key Biscayne Community Foundation mission is to enable, facilitate, and empower residents to make a positive difference in the local, greater, and global community through programs, grant making, fiscal scholarship, and community leadership.

Key Biscayne Film Festival

The Key Biscayne Film Festival is on a mission to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation for our delicate ecosystem through the medium of arts.

Key Biscayne Historical & Heritage Society

Key Biscayne Historical & Heritage Society is dedicated to collect, preserve, store and display all items of historical significance to Key Biscayne and its surroundings.

Key Biscayne Piano Festival

The Key Biscayne Piano Festival’s mission is to catalyze culture on the island of Key Biscayne while showcasing the island as a regional cultural beacon at a global scale.

Key Biscayne Podcast Stories

Key Biscayne Stories Podcast unlocks the power of micro-community storytelling by providing a space for locals to share their stories, projects, and businesses with their neighbors.

Key Kindness

Key Kindness mission is to help homeless and stray animals by neutering/spaying, providing immediate vet care, fostering, and ultimately adopting to furever homes.

Kid’s Marketplace

The Kid’s Marketplace is a one-day event where young entrepreneurs display their talents and develop business skills in a friendly environment.

Michael’s Magic Camp

The mission of Michael’s Magic Camp is to teach young campers how to preserve and protect South Florida’s fragile environment and ecosystem.

Wellness in the Schools

Wellness in the Schools is a national nonprofit that teaches public school students healthy habits to learn, live, and thrive.

Youth Lead Change

Youth Lead Change teaches compassionate leadership and social entrepreneurship to empower young people to become positive changemakers.