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What is the general plan to combat COVID-19?

What is the general plan to combat COVID-19?

Now that we have nasopharyngeal swab testing for COVID 19, here is some general information to guide your decisions. For any specific questions regarding your health, please contact your physician.

The three pillars to combat COVID-19 are: Test, Trace, and Isolate.

  • TEST: Until tests are more widely available, we test anyone with symptoms regardless of age; anyone with underlying health conditions; anyone who has had contact with someone who had a positive test; and health care workers and first responders.
  • TRACE: If you have tested positive, you should trace those you may have had contact with during the past 4 weeks and encourage them to get tested. Positive results are shared with the Public Health Department and you alone, so trace your contacts on your own.
  • ISOLATE: If you have tested positive, we ask that you self isolate at home. Separate yourself from other people in your home. Stay away from your pets and animals. And be sure to wear a face mask to protect yourself and those around you.

What is antibody testing?

Antibody testing is a means to ascertain whether you may have been exposed to COVID-19 in the past and is being offered in select locations. It is not currently part of this Key Biscayne program, however it is likely to become a very important part of the management of this pandemic — where it will give us information on the true number of cases of COVID 19 and will inform us on questions of immunity.

At this time there is no concensus as to whether a positive antibody test means you have immunity. For further steps after antibody testing, please contact your physician.

Download the PDF and JPG here.

What is the general plan to combat COVID-19?